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Projects - Pharmaziemuseum Brixen

Angermann`s Herbarium 1653, 

Project management, restoration, and digitization of an herbarium
The book body and the binding of the herbarium were conserved to stabilize its contents and make them accessible. A biologist was involved in the conservation and recording of the attached plants. The single sheets of the herbarium were photographed and subsequently stitched together digitally. The digital version can be seen in the permanent exhibition of the Pharmacy Museum Brixen. 
Paper conservation Herbarium Angermann

©Pharmaziemuseum Brixen

Paper conservation Herbarium Angermann

Book body: handmade paper; exhibits glued onto the paper 

Binding: leather and parchment

©Pharmaziemuseum Brixen

Institution: Pharmaziemuseum Brixen, Brixen / Bressanone, Italy

Duration: 2009-2011, Munich 


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