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Projects - Monacensia Literature Archive

Documents attached by Oskar Maria Graf onto his exile desk 

Conservation, restoration, digitization and reproduction of all documents, handwritten notes, and postcards attached by the writer onto his desk
The aim of the project was to preserve all notes and documents attached to the wooden surface of the author’s desk in a manner, suitable for archival objects, as well as to adapt the desk to current exhibition standards. All papers were removed from the desk to protect them from the climatic influences of the exhibition environment as well as from further material-related contact damage and mechanical loss. After their restoration, the papers are protected against external influences by storing them in a more compatible manner, enabling scientific work with the originals. Digital copies ensure an alternative access to the originals. Reproductions replace the paper originals in the Monacensia permanent exhibition. 
Paper conservation Desk Oskar Maria Graf

©Jan Scheutzow

Paper conservation Desk Oskar Maria Graf

Desk: Wood 

Autographs: Various handwritten notes, postcards, and documents on paper from the mid 20th century 

©Jan Scheutzow

Institution: Monacensia Literature Archive, Munich, Germany

Implementation: 2020, Munich 


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