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Our heart beats for paper! 

conrest is an owner-run paper conservation studio located in the creative and colourful Glockenbach district in Munich. It was founded in 2003 after the studio’s owner has been awarded the "Master Prize of the Bavarian State Government for Special Achievements" in conservation. Conrest built its excellent reputation through collaboration with numerous museums, libraries and other institutions, and renowned collectors, both in Germany and internationally. Nowadays, the name conrest can be found on the lists of recommended conservators of notable public institutions and major international art insurers. 


In the last 20 years, our initial work focus on book conservation has broadened through interdisciplinary projects, collaboration, and exchange. In addition to active conservation and repair, it now includes collection care, and professional support during loans and exhibitions. We advise collectors, curators, art insurers, and dealers on the various questions on the object storage, care, and presentation. In addition to the conservation of paper-based items of historical value, we also deal with complex conservation tasks related to the use of modern materials on paper–tasks that require a high degree of material knowledge and technical flexibility. 

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